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During the 2020 pandemic, as companies sent millions of employees home to work, Eric Benavides, CEO and Founder, saw the increasing desire for more space.

Innovator, homebuilder and manufacturer

As a builder, Eric built hundreds of homes over his career from townhomes with downtown views to luxury country estates. In 2012, he started a new venture: designing, modernizing and constructing outdated oil and gas facilities nationwide. Within five years, he held four patents for fluid injection fuel systems. His enterprise, Spartan Manufacturing, scaled to encompass five satellite companies with 75 employees.

Eric fuses his passion for building with lean manufacturing practices for streamlining production and operations.

Eric Benavides, Founder & CEO

Patent-pending design and assembly process.

10x10 Cottage Shed

The design features in the Backyard Workrooms are unsurpassed. From the steel foundation and integrated ceiling and roof system to unique wallpanels, our factory-built modular sheds are one-of-a-kind. The patent-pending design and assembly process is faster to assemble than any shed on the market. One fixed price includes delivery and installation. Backyard Workroom makes a quality backyard shed at an affordable price and offers attractive financing packages.

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Prefab construction enjoys a rich history

Building prefab structures dates back to ancient times. The earliest manufactured homes in the US were built in London and brought over by British immigrants in ships in the early 1600’s. During the Gold Rush, ready-made, pre-cut houses were constructed for California prospectors. For 32 years in the early 20th century, Sears, Roebuck and Company sold ready-to-assemble kit homes by mail order. Frank Lloyd Wright, the icon of modern architecture, fascinated by affordable housing, designed several prefab buildings.

There’s never been a better time for a Backyard Workroom.

Welder fusing the frame

The need for smart, modular workrooms.

10x10 Cottage Shed

Eric saw the shift in how people were thinking about work and play calling for an affordable, easy solution. He started by converting shipping containers into offices and studios, but realized the average yard called for a smaller footprint and easier accessibility.

He turned to designing and building prefab sheds with components that could be delivered to the homeowner's driveway and hand-carried to the backyard. His goal was to make it as simple as possible. That's why delivery and installation are included in the fixed price. After several prototypes, Eric perfected the design and applied for a patent to protect his unique concepts.

Benavides’ extraordinary vision for turnkey, factory-made modular workrooms is revolutionizing the way backyard sheds are made.