Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How long will it take to receive my Backyard Workroom after placing my order?
A. In most cases, you can expect to have your Backyard workroom installed within 2-3 weeks. Due to holidays or increased demand, it may take longer. We will send updates so you can track the progress of your order.
Q. Do I need to install a foundation?
A. No. The Backyard Workroom has a prefabricated steel foundation. You can level the floor periodically by adjusting the footings with a wrench. Concrete pavers are included to support the foundation.
Q. What does the shipping cost?
A. Shipping and installation is included within 50 miles of Dallas. Call for exact pricing in excess of 50 miles or out of state delivery.
Q. How long does it take to assemble?
A. Our crew assembles the Backyard Workroom in 3-4 hours. Times may vary depending on site conditions.
Q. Can the workroom withstand heavy winds?
A. The Backyard Workroom is constructed with a steel foundation and HWS monolithic composite panel systems and is engineered to withstand most heavy winds and adverse weather conditions.
Q. Is the Backyard Workroom under warranty?
A. Yes. We offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the HWS monolithic composite panel systems, roofing, and steel foundation. The AC/Heater unit, fixtures, door and windows are also warranted through your local Home Depot.
Q. Is there anything I need to do to my Backyard Workroom prior to move in?
A. No. The Backyard Workroom arrives with the interior and exterior painted in the colors you select when you order, along with interior lighting, engineered hardwood flooring, and 4 electrical outlets.
Q. Does the Backyard Workroom require maintenance?
A. You would maintain your Backyard Workroom just like you would your home.
Q. Do I need to connect the electricity?
A. Yes. A licensed electrician will need to secure a permit and connect per your cities code requirements.
Q. Is the Backyard Workroom internet-ready?
A. No wiring is provided for internet, however Wifi from your house should be sufficient. You may need a Wifi booster.
Q. Why is the Backyard Workroom patent-pending? What it included in the patent?
A. Several aspects of design, manufacturing and assembly have been submitted for application. Once approved, we will be granted a patent. This innovative prefab, factory-made Backyard Workroom is unlike any other product on the market. We are seeking a patent to protect our innovative design.
Q. What does it take to become a franchisee?
A. You must apply to be accepted into our franchise program. All partners must have the resources and reputation to become an approved franchisee.