With millions of Americans moving to working remotely in 2020, the work landscape has changed dramatically causing an increasing need for more space. Enter Backyard Workroom – a prefabricated workspace franchise aimed at making the WFH office synonymous with the backyard.

It is positioned to disrupt the workspace landscape because:

  • Demand is HUGE – According to UpWork, 41.8% of the American workforce continues to work remotely – a staggering 87% increase in remote work prior to the pandemic;
  • It’s a simple turnkey solution: Most prefab studio rooms are complicated and expensive – Backyard Workroom offers a modular kit that can be assembled in a few hours (patent-pending); and
  • Blue ocean opportunity: With no real competition, the business sells itself as the WFH trend continues.


  • Launch your business for as little as $40k in under 30 days
  • No store front required
  • Few employees
  • Freedom to work when you want

If interested, please call Ryan at +1 (801) 831-8521 in order to be considered for a franchise.