Steve Warren, Permit Coordinator

How to Get Permits for Your Backyard Workroom – Q&A with Steve Warren, Permit Coordinator

You’d love a Backyard Workroom, but what about the rules, regulations and permits for your city? “Each municipality has its own methods and challenges,” says Steve Warren, Permit Coordinator for Backyard Workroom, “and we help homeowners through the arduous process.”

To avoid the headache of applying for permits and filing paperwork, Backyard Workroom offers this service at no charge. They brought Steve on board to navigate the city permit laws for each municipality where we do business.

Steve brings 5 years in obtaining permits from all over the U.S. For questions ranging from setbacks from rear fencing to determining the distance from the main structure and easements, Steve is the go-to man for all your permit needs.

In this Q&A, he answers some common concerns homeowners have about city rules for installing their new Backyard Workroom.

Q. I’m adding an accessory building to my property; will this raise my property values?
A. Adding a Backyard Workroom may be considered adding square footage to your property depending on municipalities. If it’s determined to be a permanent structure, this could raise your taxes. To find out the value this addition adds to your property, contact your county appraisal office.
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Q. I live in a community with an HOA. Do I need to get approval from my HOA to install a Backyard Workroom?
A. Approval from your HOA may be needed before any work can begin. It is up to the homeowner to contact the HOA. Backyard Workroom helps with documentation.
Q. As a homeowner, will I need to obtain any permits?
A. Backyard Workroom will apply for any necessary building permits from your municipality. We work with local electric contractors to obtain permits. Pricing is inclusive, however, electric is excluded and additional.
Q. How long does it take to get needed permits approved?
A. The turnaround time to receive your permit depends on the municipality. Obtaining a permit can typically take up to two weeks.
Q. Are there any documents the homeowner needs to provide for the permit application?
A. Yes. A survey is needed. Homeowners should find a copy in their mortgage documents.

Backyard Workroom obtains and files permits included in the price.

Q. Are there any costs to submit a permit application?
A. All fees for permits will be taken care of by Backyard Workroom.
Q. What access may be required by other parties?
A. The electric contractor will probably need to dig a ditch to bury the electric cables. The local city inspector will also need to inspect electrical work. The electric contractor will return to cover/bury the electric cable after the inspection is approved. Typically, one more final inspection may be required from the city once all work is completed.
Q. Is there anything that would keep me from obtaining a building permit?
A. Each municipality has its own restrictions where an accessory building can be located. Some of the obstacles can be easements, distance from property lines, and distance from main structure and septic systems. Because of these restrictions, it’s a good idea to check with your municipality, and we do all the legwork for you.

If you have concerns about getting a permit from your local municipality, have no fear. Steve knows the ins and outs of city rules and regulations and is here to answer all your questions.

If you want to know more about what it takes to move into your Backyard Workroom, give Steve a call at (214) 206-1759.

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