Materials Used in a Backyard Workroom

Have you ever wondered what makes Backyard Workroom different from other backyard office/shed companies? The biggest difference is the materials that are used. Backyard Workroom’s factory-made modular sheds have a patent-pending design and assembly process using advanced materials.

Floor Construction

The steel foundation is made of a 14-gauge welded steel frame with a 11/16 plywood deck. The floor deck is screwed to the steel frame for support. Adjustable footings are welded to the frame and then placed on concrete pavers.

Structural Panels

The wall panels are made of advanced materials produced by Horton World Solutions. This monolithic composite system has 4-inch side panels with R-32 insulation and an 8-inch roof panels with R-64 insulation.

Structural Panels

Ceiling and Roof System

The 8-inch panel roof system has an 18” front and 6” side eaves. The roof is weather-proofed with a long-lasting polyurea coating and composite roof shingles available as an option.

Wall and Floor Finishes

Each Backyard Workroom has high quality latex exterior and interior paint. There are several exterior and interior colors to suit your design needs. The interlocking flooring is waterproof and scratch resistant.


Pre-wired for Power

The outlets are pre-wired to a connection box in the back of the building. Outdoor and indoor lights work off a prewired light switch. You provide the power source and you’re ready to go!

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