8 Advantages Of Prefabricated Shed Roof Homes

It’s summer and officially the best time to get your construction work done. Are you interested in getting your homes revamped, but efficiently? We understand that the prices of real estate and repairs are at an all-time high, which is why there is a better and much more effective way to have your job done […]

How to Make Your Backyard Office Shed More Secure?

How to make your backyard office shed more secure

Lets learn about how to make your backyard office more secure. Having the autonomy to work from any place can be liberating, especially when you’re a free-spirited professional. However, the space crunch at your residence may not be able to allow the complete spectrum of functionality in terms of equipment installation and use. One of […]

Benefits of a Backyard Office Shed

Benefits of a Backyard Office Shed

Ever since the pandemic in 2020 sent us packing to the lockdown zone, working from home has attained the “new normal” status. The working population was used to their work and personal life separated by office space. However, the convenience of working from home outweighed the perceived cons. Many of these professionals have taken the […]

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Backyard Workroom

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Since the launch of Backyard Workroom in 2020, the prefab modular shed has taken the market by storm. And the votes are in. Everyone loves the ease and convenience of this move-in-ready prefab modular shed. The sturdy structures are designed to last for years with poor maintenance. However, there are some measures you can take […]

Q&A: Meet the CEO/Founder of Backyard Workroom

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Eric Benavides sits down to discuss his latest venture, business philosophies, and passion for fantasy novels and action films. As an entrepreneur, he’s spent his career in residential home building, commercial construction, and AI technology. He currently holds five patents and has one patent pending for his Backyard Workroom prefab DIY kits. Questions and Answers […]