Frequently Asked Questions:

Small Home Building Kits:

12×20 Studio – Shell only $43,500*
12×30 1-Bed – Shell only $60,100*
12×40 2-Bed – Shell only $77,500*
12×50 3-Bed – Shell only $93,500*
Full Bath Kit – $3,200 Kitchen Kit – $3,200*
5×10 Cedar or Trex Deck $1,650*
*Tax & Delivery not included

Workroom Building Kits:

12×10 Workroom Building Kit $22,800*
12×15 Workroom Building Kit $28,900*

5×10 Cedar or Trex Deck $1,650*
*Tax & Delivery not included

– Our Small Home Building Kits are an engineered product that is site built and considered new construction. We use a Patent Pending steel pier & beam foundation system which includes anchors, so no concrete slab is needed.  Wall and Roof Panels are SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System), which are lightweight, sustainable, energy-efficient, and easy to install.  You will just need 4-5 people there with an understanding of basic tools. 

– Our Small Home Building Kits are fully prepared for installation. Complete foundation system, walls with windows, doors installed with trim interior, and exterior painted. A Roof/Ceiling system with painted interior and an exterior roofing material. Includes flooring, interior electrical and lighting fixtures.

– Kitchen and Bathroom Material Kits (NOT INCLUDED)  

Flooring – Choice of 2 Colors

Lighting Fixtures – Interior and Exterior

HVAC – Standard thru the wall with mini-split option.

WallsPrimed and Painted SIPS Walls and Roof Panels with windows & Doors installed with trim.

Foundation – Engineered and Adjustable footings that does not require a concrete slab.

Permits – We can supply documents normally requested by your municipality to help begin the process.

Transportation – You will pay for your transportation directly. We can provide a list of transportation companies to get quotes from.

Installation – You will need 4-5 people for 2-3 days. We can provide a list of installation companies to get quotes from.

Underground Utilities – You will need to contract a local licensed Plumber and Electrician contractor.

Flooring – Sterling Oak or Heirloom Pine (Life Proof) from  Home Depot

Paint – Sherwin Williams Paint – 2 color options for exterior walls, 4 door color options

HVAC – Mini-splits are an upgrade option to our standard 8,000 Btu thru the wall units. Both have heating and cooling with a remote.

Electrical – Cat-6 can be added for a fee


– We use only quality materials from The Home Depot where applicable.  Paint is all Sherwin Williams.

– All Options can be selected on our Client Package and can be done electronically online.

1. Permitting – Customer’s Responsibility – Approximately 2-4 weeks,
depending on your location. Some municipalities may not require.

2. Manufacturing – Approximately 2-3 weeks once contract is signed and deposit is received. This is the time we are preparing your Kit.

3. Shipping – Customer’s Responsibility – We can offer a list of names upon request.

4. Installation – Customer’s Responsibility – Your installation should take between 2-3 days.

– We suggest you find a local contractor to assist in the permitting process.
– We recommend contacting your HOA for requirements.
– We supply stamped and sealed structural and electrical engineered plans. 
– Your Client Package will have details on materials used.
– Our Kits are site built, typically considered Accessory Dwelling Units that are built to IBC (International Building Codes) 2018.
– Our pier and beam foundations are engineered. We have adjustable footings that require minimal site prep, so a concrete slab is not required.
– Our standard Kit height is 9’6” roof height at the front.
– Technical support can be available upon request to help guide you through permitting process.
– Permitting fees may be required and is the responsibility of the client.

Cash/Credit – 50% of contract due upon signing, balance of 50% due upon delivery

Online Payment Processing – Hearth (ACH payments are preferred)
  – Bank Wire Transfers upon request

Accessory buildings to be built on existing residential yard/property

Homes to be built on an existing plot of land as the main property

You will be provided:

– A detailed list of tools needed
– Engineered Drawings
– Installation Guide
– Installation Video that covers each step of the process
– Phone Support (if Needed)

Video of each step of the process will be included with your purchase:
– Installing the Bases
– Wall Installations
– Roof Installation