6 Tips for Maintaining Your Backyard Workroom
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Since the launch of Backyard Workroom in 2020, the prefab modular shed has taken the market by storm. And the votes are in. Everyone loves the ease and convenience of this move-in-ready prefab modular shed.

The sturdy structures are designed to last for years with poor maintenance. However, there are some measures you can take annually to keep your building in tip-top condition.

How to Maintain Your Eco-friendly, Built to last Backyard Workroom?

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your eco-friendly, built-to-last Backyard Workroom

1. Level the foundation with the adjustable feet using a wrench

Because the company is located in North Texas, most Backyard Workrooms are naturally installed on the shifting black soil in the region referred to as the Blackland Prairie. Once renown for growing cotton, this soil has a high clay content and is not exactly kind to slab foundations. The black clay holds water and swells during the spring rainy season. During the hot summer months, it hardens and cracks with drought. This can cause foundations to heave and crack.

Fortunately, the Backyard Workroom has a steel foundation that sits on any flat surface and is resistant to ground shifts. However, periodically the structure will need to be leveled with a wrench that can be found at any hardware store.

We recommend leveling your foundation every six months to a year to keep your structure sound. For example, to adjust the height for an even floor, lay a level perpendicular to each corner of your room and adjust the size of the feet with a wrench until the bottom is level.

2. Maintain the walls, windows, and doors

The Horton Composite SIP wall panels are assembled with polycarbonate connectors that help to ensure minimum leaks. You can periodically caulk the space around windows and doors with silicone caulk. Typically, buildings can be caulked every two years for added protection.

Clean your windows and doors with a glass cleaner and wipe with a shammy cloth or paper towel as you would your glass windows and doors in a home.

3. Touch up the interior and exterior paint

Even though our sheds are painted with a high-grade exterior and interior paint, dogs, kids, moving, roughhousing, and weather can take a toll on your paint job. Over time, your Backyard Workroom may experience the normal wear and tear of everyday life.

That’s why we included a paint kit that matches your color selection to touch up problem areas. Be sure to keep your paint kit indoors and away from extreme temperature changes, and make sure the air-tight lid is screwed on tightly.

Every so often, use a standard painter’s brush to apply touch-up paint to wall and ceiling surfaces. The Horton Composite SIP panels are designed to take color like regular sheetrock, so you are free to decorate the interior of your shed to your heart’s desire.

4. Change the filter and check the AC/heater and remote

Your Backyard Workroom is cooled and heated with an AC/heater unit controlled with a remote. The insulated walls with a rating of R-32 do a great job of keeping the temperature-controlled, but your AC/heating unit needs to be well maintained with hot summers and cold winters.

Ensure the water drip channel is clean and clear of mold or obstructions and clean the AC filter every month. The batteries in the remote should last a long time but will need to be changed periodically depending on usage. For example, you have a year warranty on the unit, so if you experience any problems within the first year, you can return to Home Depot for repair or replacement.

5. Maintain the roof and ceiling system

The roof and ceiling system is also made from durable Horton composite panels, resistant to most adverse weather conditions. The top is coated with a 2-ply polyurea coating for protection against the elements. Periodic cleaning of the surface with soap and water is all you need to do. The layer has a ten-year warranty, so call us for repair or replacement in case of a defect or damage.

6. Clean the engineered hardwood floors

Each Backyard Workroom comes with water and scratch-resistant engineered laminate flooring. Periodically, sweep your floors with a broom to keep them free of dust and dirt. You can also mop them with most cleaning products on the market to keep them shiny and clean. Avoid letting water stand and polish with a clean cloth or towel.

We know you’ll enjoy your workroom for many years to come if you follow these simple tips for maintenance and cleaning. If you have any questions or need additional information, as always, we are here for you. Call us at (214) 206-1759 or email