How to Make Your Backyard Office Shed More Secure?

Lets learn about how to make your backyard office more secure. Having the autonomy to work from any place can be liberating, especially when you’re a free-spirited professional. However, the space crunch at your residence may not be able to allow the complete spectrum of functionality in terms of equipment installation and use. One of the best alternatives to operating from workspaces is using your home’s backyard to set up an office shed. 

Now that you’re all set to make this space your own and invest in a backyard office shed, what are the things to keep in mind? Well, for one, securing this work unit is a priority task, which you need to sort out at the first chance you get. To help you out, we have an eight-step guide included in this blog to make your backyard office shed more secure.

Eight Step Guide to Make Your Backyard Office Shed More Secure

Choose your office’s location wisely

One of the best ways to keep an eye on your office shed while you’re not there is to position it in a visible space. This means that you should be able to see your backyard office shed from your home’s windows. This also helps when your office space is not accessible to the main street and is concealed away.

Replace the locks with security locks:

All office sheds come with standardized locks that are mass manufactured.  They are secure and provide a good degree of safety, but the bulk manufacturing aspect may give trespassers leeway. Instead, make it a point to replace these locks with your own security heavy padlocks locks that may use biometrics or passcode that changes rotationally.  Backyard Workroom uses New Home Construction grade entry locks and deadbolts standard on all models.

Replace the installation’s door hinges:

The main door of your office shed is the weakest point that can be broken-into easily. The hinges of these doors can easily be taken off due to the usage of short screws. One of the basic things to do is replace the factory default screws with larger ones. You can also add larger nuts and bolts to fortify the doors; adding super glue to them will add extra protection. One of the best pieces of advice, however, is to carefully choose a company like Backyard Workroom that already provides excellent Masonite doors with strong triple hinges that aren’t exposed. This saves time and money on your part since the doors are already the best as per the market standards.

Anchor your office’s shed:

If you’re looking to eliminate every vulnerability of your office shed, make sure to anchor the office shed so that it cannot be broken into by force. Add some weight to the shed so that it cannot be lifted, or bolt them to the ground by adding heavy bolts.  Backyard Workroom uses earth anchors to secure our buildings directly to the earth.

Install an alarm or security system:

One of the best ways to protect your home and office shed is to extend the home security system to the entire space. Add CCTV cameras to your office shed, including motion sensors, glass shattering alerts, and security lights.

Consider windowless office sheds:

If you’re not averse to working in a fortified work environment, getting windowless office sheds will reduce the access to the internal workings from outside gazes. Windows do offer added light and ventilation and come standard on all Backyard Workrooms.

Secure your large equipment together:

Make sure that all your equipment is tagged and labeled. Next, secure all your machinery and equipment together so that none of them can be picked up while you’re not around.

Wrapping Up:

The protection of your workspace will only add to the element of peace while you work from home. Backyard office spaces can be amazing when choose the right building and supplier. We hope that with this guide, you will be able to have a fortified office shed.