Product Details

Precision Engineering and Patent-Pending Design.


Steel Foundation Floor Construction

  • 14-gauge welded steel frame with 11/16 plywood deck
  • Floor deck screwed to steel frame
  • Adjustable steel leveling footings welded for strength

Advanced Structural Panels

  • Structural wall panels made of advanced materials
  • 4-inch side panels with R-20 insulation
  • 8-inch roof panels with R-40 insulation

Innovative Ceiling and Roof System

  • 8-inch panel roof system with 18” front and 6” side eaves
  • Weather-proofed with long-lasting polyurea coating
  • Composite roof shingles available as an option

Stylish Wall and Floor Finishes

  • High quality latex exterior and interior paint
  • Several exterior and interior colors to suit your design needs
  • Interlocking flooring, waterproof and scratch resistant

Electrical Fixtures Included

  • Indoor 4-light track lighting and stylish exterior lighting
  • Four electrical outlets in-floor
  • 110-volt AC/Heater with remote control

Pre-wired for Power

  • Outlets prewired to connection box in back of building
  • Outdoor and indoor lights work off a prewired light switch
  • You provide the power source and you're ready to go!

Watch the video. It takes a team of four people to help with assembly and is completed in a couple of hours.
This turnkey product is pre-built and factory finished, so there's no hammering, sawing or painting.